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WELCOME TO THE Northern ART FAIR International

The second Art - Fair  takes place at 2014 and will continue every year in Martini Plaza Groningen
The Netherlands, with a great professional leading team who will support all artists, gallery- holders and antique dealers
from all over the world. And to meet the High society of The Netherlands.


AFI Foundation organizes in cooperation with art magazine PALETTE artist of Europe Gold , silver and bronze medals and great prizes . The ceremony will take place on April 2014 You can sign up.

History and first prosperous Art-Fair
The promotors Denis Wood and Arnold Baron who initiative the Art Fair at Assen 2010 TT HALL. Denis Wood organized
the first Art exhibition (arteventt 2010) It features over 120 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries and artists
in the world. The Art - Fair also includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programmed
and an artist-led education schedule. Each year there are eye-catching changes to the design, décor,
entrance and spaces such restaurants and cafes.The architects and students have the opportunity to experiment
and this adds to the experience of the Art - Fair.

What makes the Art Fair International (AFI) Groningen from other art fairs?
The Art Fair is one of the few fairs to focus only on contemporary art and living artists.
The exhibiting galleries and antiquairs represent the most exciting contemporary galleries working today.
Unlike most other fairs, The Art-Fair (AFI) is housed in a bespoke temporary structure,
which is located in Martini Plaza Groningen.

How are the galleries selected for the fair?

Around 350 galleries and artists will apply each year for the new Art - Fair. Each year
the application form will be posted on the website, the application deadline is half August 2013
and the selection is made in last week of August. (open date)
There is then an appeals procedure in late August.
The selection is made by a committee of gallerists, educated Art Teachers, Musea directors
who participate in the Art - Fair; the fair Directors chair the meeting but do not vote.

Widely acknowledged as an important platform for networking in the international art community,
The Art - Fair (IFA) brings together collectors, curators, artists and galleries from across Europe
and the rest of the world. Collectors are drawn by an opportunity to discover a quality and
geographical diversity of art not presented anywhere else. The Art - Fair is accompanied by a
packed VIP program of events showcasing the best that Groningen (Nederland) has to offer
culturally as well as socially, and an extensive talks program featuring a world class line-up of
speakers organized by the estimable Dutch Art Archive.